Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photizo Transform 2013 Tuesday Roundup


Long day of seminars, I took in a total of three. I was able to sit in on a seminar by Ed Crowley (CEO Photizo) for "How Connected Devices and Big Data are Changing Industries", Darrell Amy (Owner Dealer Marketing) for "Marketing Strategies for Managed Services" and Jared Hansen (CEO Breezy) for "The Importance of Mobility in the Future of Print".

Tomorrow I've been invited to a Round Table Discussion for the "Future of Imaging".

I was able to meet with a few vendors. One was Celstream which offers "printJinni" and I was intrigued by the offering of a print4pay mobile print solution that dealers could resell and it's device agnostic.

Verdiem offers a software service

that will allow IT administrators to control PC's across the network for "Green Savings". Here's something I wasn't aware of "IT consumes 25% and growing of global commercial energy. PCs and Macs are the #1 IT energy consumer and represent the biggest savings opportunity at $20-$60/computer/year". With many of us making the move to Managed Services, Verdiem allows us to have an extra tool in are arsenal of cost saving offerings.

Preton and NER Data, spoke to Preton about their toner saver pixel optimizer software which includes tiered billing software for MPF's and printers and it is device agnostic. This is huge since non Xerox and Kyocera dealers can now offer tiered billing to their customers if needed or implement a tiered billing program so they are not stolen/lured into the Xerox or Kyotier program.

TABS is looking to develop thier own mobile print solution.

Met with reps from GFC leasing, which stands for Gordon Flesch Leasing. I never even knew they had a leasing division.

Photizo launched new mobile app that gives you a short synopsis of the news but also gives you a brief insight as to why this is important to you. Can be downloaded as a free app for Android, and Ipod now, app for IPhone very soon!

Also met with Jason Ganis of SmartPrint in AU, which he clued me into something I was really not aware of. All new MFP's even with all of the latest and greatest security and overwrite features are still suspectable to a hack for pulling info off the drive. The only real security is to pull the drive and destroy it or give the drive back to the customer. He stated that in the AU once the copiers are used by the DOD, the whole copier is then destroyed or shredded. Jason also told me about the new Brother 100 page per minute inkjet printer that he saw in AU, seems this will be coming to the US and have an MSRP for under $2K. For Print4Pay Hotel members, I'll be working on as special project with SmartPrint for our members, stay tuned on the print4pay hotel forums for additional information.

BTW, I'll be posting all of the seminar power point presentations on the print4pay hotel forums, there is awesome information, here's the link.


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