Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Questions for Lisa At OES

From time to time I try to get my sponsors involved with the MFP Solutions blog.

Sometimes a banner ad does not tell you enough about the company nor the person behind the product.  Many months ago I had an email from Lisa Chiu introducing her self and asking for help in promoting the products and services that she sells.  Over the last three months my team was able to help Lisa with building her website, optimizing for SEO, and promoting her brand.  While you may not know Lisa like I do, I think when you're done reading what we've put together you'll have a better understanding that Lisa is committed to the channel and committed to offering quality products and service. 

Without further ado (keep in mind that your truly does not do many of these interviews and I'm just learning) please enjoy my interview with Lisa!!

How long have you been in the toner supply industry and what did you do prior to OES Tech?

I've been in the industry for almost 10 years. I started in this field by selling OEM parts and supplies in laser and copier to individual technician in 2004. Not knowing anything about this industry, I really mean it..... zero knowledge.  Two months after I started, I asked one of the technicians give me a lesson by taking apart our copy machine Toshiba BD 2860.  It was then that I realized where all the consumables were in the equipment along with the function for each part.  I made sure to store them all in my head as  world map and I'd be able to relate to any supplies when technician calling order, I was also learn the interchange able models in between brands. I thought this is FUN!!!!….....Before that I was  in the Shoe industry as a Office manager , Shipping Supervisor & sales assist for east coast contract sales… pretty much I ran the whole company , I love selling and trading and anything that turns into green as everyone else out there. (Lisa)

What's special and unique about your company?

Things got twisted by the poor economy condition.  Since 2007 start shifting left and right till rolling down the hill three years ago, luckily  we are in the field will never die out but compress in size which trigger lots of thinking to lots others and including myself.. thinking change to different supplier with lower cost or changing business field. Then I thought with the resources I have in Compatible Supplies will definitely help customers to save in cost . “ If it is the Same then Why Pay More” from that point on I was able to change my business strategy and only deal with OEM Equivalent Supplies (O E S) , it’s not easy to convince your OEM user to aftermarket but everyone is interesting to saving. By passing out samples as free trials,  they loved it and started ordering pallets and pallets to central America and US domestic reseller. Things start working well and I keep tell my customer "No feedback it’s always a good feedback”.

Is there any one sale/order that stands out from another?

 I ran into a presentation with a well known Original Equipment Manufacturer and presented our products to 10+ directors and supervisors from Head corporation and sub dealers (I were sweat like no  tomorrow, with my 4 inches  on my feet… what a killing!! ) and every word you said it counts as a promise and documented. … after 30 minutes of the meeting /presentation the head director of the aftermarket supplies chain department asked me “ Why makes you think you capable to do business with us ? What makes you think you are special compare to all other companies out there?”  … I sat back the chair a little and thinking … Quality? Price? … Service ? Oh no,  I cant think of any thing my brain went blank but in less than 10seconds  I reply------ “well, we do not alternate sourcing of our products and I can invite all of you for a manufacturer site inspection” … I had found my spirit in business as Dedication.

Do you attend any of the ITEX or BTA events?

We do not exhibit any conventions but we do attend shows as to social with some of our clients and obtain information of the market.

Where do your supplies ship from and do you offer special discounts to Print4Pay Hotel members?

All our products are FOB CA 91789 ( Walnut, CA) . Full Fill 95%, rest will fulfill with 1-business day.  Daily cutoff 4pm . order can be accept by email or you may obtain User ID and Password to browsing and place order on our site.  Normal Customer who order over $750 will get Free shipping . For P4P Hotel member you will get Free shipping when order over $500.00.

Do you guarantee your products?

We do pallet loads order all time , we guaranty 1year with 1:1 replacement.

Note from Art:  If you're a Print4Pay Hotel member and even  a dedicated reader of the MFP Solutions Blog, I can't do what I do without the help of companies like OES Tech and our sponsors. Please find the time visit Lisa's site and to also call Lisa and ask us to tell us more about those 4 inch heels!!  Thank God I don't have to sell in those.


-=Good Selling=-

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