Monday, May 6, 2013

Photizo Opens Transform 2013 Event

Newark to Phoenix in a little under 5 hours,  sitting next to two Japanese businessmen who spoke nothing but Japanese the whole way, equals very BIG headache!

Never the less I made my way to the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center by about 1PM.  This year's event features 30 speakers and more than 30 vendors that will have a heavy focus on educational seminars for Managed Print, Managed Services, Business Process and what the future holds for our Industry.

Ed Crowley's welcome message states it best, "As the industry has transformed, so has our event. We now cover the full range of the imaging industry and look forward to your participation in making this our best event yet"!

I'm looking forward to these seminars tomorrow:

The Importance of Mobility in the Future of Print   Joel Hansen, Breezy

Products and Platforms: Solution or Tool  Edward McLaughlin, Vaderus

Real-Time Data: How Connected Devices and Big Data are Changing Industries  Edward Crowley, Photizo Group

Marketing for Managed Services: Darrell Amy, Dealer Marketing Systems

Preton Saver - Toner & Paper Optimization, Ori Eizenberger Preton

In addition I'll be looking forward to seeing the new products and services from all of the vendors along with catching up with friends in the industry.

I'll have more tomorrow, plus my final wrap up of my top ten favs from the Transform 2013 Event.

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