Saturday, July 7, 2012

Should She Resign or Just Quit Selling Copiers "Ask Art"

A few days ago I had an email from a P4P'er (Print4Pay Hotel member) in respect to her quitting the industry or just resigning and moving to another company.  Here's a snippet of the message that was emailed to me.

Arthur, I've been in the copier industry for more than ten years with my current company, I've always hit my quotas and have been a student of the industry. Today I found out that there are several new reps in the company that have a higher salary than me, in fact it's almost 24% higher!  There are a couple of other differences however I'm pretty annoyed that my years of experience are of no value to the company I work for.  These new reps have ZERO experience in the business.  I have no one to turn to and would like some advice as to.........  from Andover, Maryland

Dam, girl....I'm not sure what to tell you!  I would tend to think that someone with your experience would be worth more.  First things first, I would not rely on hearsay, this could get your fired if you confront your manager or dealer owner. If its hearsay always remember this saying "believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see" and leave it alone!  On the other hand if you have proof (documentation) then I would recommend a meeting with your manager, be prepared because depending on how you got the proof could get you fired also.  Maybe you need to address it like this to your manager, "with all due respect I've heard that there are new reps that have a higher salary than mine, why is that"? If it's true most likely you'll see uneasiness in their voice, a cold stare, and a few seconds of silence, most likely whatever is stated by your manager other than "yes you're right", will be a load of BS.

Since you've been in the business this long I think it would be foolish to leave the industry.  I would get your ducks in line before you talk with your manager and if you don't like what you're hearing then maybe the only recourse is to resign.  There also might be a good reason for the other reps having a higher base, maybe that have a lower commission scale. Make sure you have all of the facts first.  I do tend think that with someone of your tenure you also have more responsibilities with managing existing accounts and I can't see the logic why a new hire would be paid more especially when they do not have to manage that many accounts or more importantly they don't have the knowledge to manage the accounts.

If what you say is correct then I pity the management team that you work for and maybe it's time to find a new team.

One other item I found  on the web:

"Do you have enough savings or other income to manage on? Even if your employment situation isn't the best, you might want to consider hanging on to the job you have, as well as your paycheck, and starting your job search before you resign. That old saying that "it's easier to find a job, when you have a job" does hold true".

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Greg Walters said...

Holy Crap! 20%?

rumors and innuendo...

I think to be considered an expert in something, you need to have been doing the same thing for around 15,000 hours.

Anyway - don't leave the industry, get to a better place. You have tons of experience, in sales, business acumen and working with people.

Here's a bit of the bad news...I believe the poison is now in the well - you may never recover from this 'jolt' even though it is based on hearsay.

For you to give any validity to these rumors, means you aren't all that happy anyway.

Also, because you easily consider 'getting out' of the industry, have you already made that decision as well?

Now- it is simply a matter of time.

Because I know you know MpS(ahem), there are both good MpS providers and great MpS recruiters out here now.

Expand your network and good luck.