Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ricoh USA Website in Countdown Mode to......

For the last ten days if you paid a visit to the Ricoh USA web site the main banner was replaced with a banner of a "cloaked" product and a picture of a color GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is placed on their copiers.  As of Friday or it might have been Thursday the countdown was down to 1 day left.  I'm thinking it was Thursday when the one day was left. I didn't have the time to visit the site on Friday, nor Saturday, but had the chance today to pay a visit and see what the hype was.

I'm thinking I knew what the hype was, the delayed launch of the SP5200 A4 series multifunctional products.  The SP5200 multifunctional series is much needed to compete with the Canon 1700 series.  We were suppose to see it here in the US in November.

However, I bit at the banner ad and was expecting to see something on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Well, the countdown banner is gone, the old banners are back up and there is no press release. Heck, maybe they'll post it on the overnight or first thing in the AM.  It's not surprising since.....

Ricoh US laying off over 250 people in November and keeping them on until December 30th, there seems to have been a backlash in getting the new products off the ground. With the delay of the SP5200 series I'm thinking they should have kept these people on, but ya know with the end of the quarter and the last quarter before the end of the Japanese year end in March,  I guess the Ikon, sorry.... Ricoh execs are doing whatever they can to make sure the Ricoh US turns a profit. Me, I'm thinking NO WAY, not with prices I'm seeing on the street!

I just went back to the site to check and see if the new SP5200 was in the Products section of the web site and to my surprise it is there. Is this it? All of the hype for a countdown and all we get is the product information??

Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Ricoh products, don't agree with how they run their Direct Channel, but love their products. The SP5200 should be a nice product to have. 

Before I call it a night, would anyone else ten to agree or disagree that it seems Ricoh has focused more on MPS and Print Printing Systems?
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Art Post said...

I checked the site this AM, the site wa updated on the overnight. Guess Saturday and Sunday was not included in the countdown! :(