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What is Jetmobile?

Recently Jetmobile signed on as an annual supporter of the Print4Pay Hotel. I'll admit I knew little about Jetmobile and what they did until I spoke with Stoney Tuckness Director of Business Development. So without further ado, I've posted the first Print4Pay Hotel Interview with Stoney @ Jetmobile. Please go here for online demo.

Stoney what is Jetmobile?

Jetmobile is an ISO 9001 certified company with 17 years of experience developing enterprise-class software solutions for the printing industry. Jean Francois d’Estalenx established Jetmobile in 1994 in Paris but has since grown into a global company with strong representation in all 3 major regions; Americas, EMEA, APJ.  Jetmobile headquarters are located in Nampa, ID, Paris, France & Singapore.  Jetmobile is nearing 70 employees, 45 of which make up our research and development department and quality control. This reach and scope allows Jetmobile to tailor our already flexible software based on regional needs as well as offer technical and sales support 24/6 in local languages.

What type of Jetmobile products are there?

Jetmobile offers 3 major products; SecureJet, MicrDIMM, and BarDIMM. These products are sold as either OEM products from major printing manufactures or through indirect channels.

 What are the benefits of each product?

Jetmobile’s BarDIMM turns your HP LaserJet printer into a barcoding expert. BarDIMM supports over 90 barcoding formats, numerous manufacturing symbols in multiple languages, is fully scalable, and supports color.

Jetmobile’s MicrDIMM allows for ad hoc dynamic check printing including signature lines, logos, and addresses, removes the need for pre printed check stock, and minimizes security risks of pre printed checks or third party check printing services.  Our flagship product is SecureJet. SecureJet is a security, mobility and traceability solution for print devices. SecureJet is a next generation, enterprise-class, fully scalable, security, mobility, and traceability, solution. SecureJet allows customers to minimize printing cost, increase security, and prove utilizations and efficiencies as well as providing knowledge for actionable print environment optimization.

 What Manufacturers Devices do you support?

Jetmobile has embedded solutions for HP and Ricoh printing devices but supports other manufactures through external appliance.

 How do you sell your products? 

Jetmobile focuses on developing an indirect sales channel to provide solutions for software sales. Jetmobile is not interested in direct sales and has found indirect channels offer more flexibility in terms of multi- language support and in depth knowledge of the market place. Jetmobile is actively recruiting resellers, System Integrators, and MPS providers to become a part of Jetmobile program.  For anyone interested they can reach us at our website (

What do you mean by security, traceability, & mobility?

 When we discuss security, traceability, and mobility we are really talking about the value of SecureJet. Security is not only the protection of data in transit and at rest but also limiting access to print devices. Security ensures the proper person is using devices appropriately and actions taken at the device are following the organizations printing policies.  Traceability provides an audit trail for the usage of the devices that spans the user, the device, what was done, when it was done, and what the end results are. For example, traceability allows you to answer the question; was the print job duplex, simplex, monochrome, or color? Mobility is the ability to access any print device within the environment that has been enabled with the SecureJet solution. Mobility improves utilization, convenience, and consistent user experiences, as well as the secondary benefit of cost savings by eliminating orphaned print jobs.

 What differeniates Jetmobile’s products from competitor’s products?

Jetmobile offers un-paralled authentication options conveniently varying from pin, to the widely used proximity, or to the highly secure smart card.  The flexibility of our secure pull printing allows for the variation of storage option and roaming capabilities. Our storage options range from ‘print to and release from a very specific print device’ to the ability of reducing servers with our distributed pull printing (serverless pull printing).  Our job accounting capabilities differentiate SecureJet from competitor’s products by allowing us to collect print data from all makes and all models of print devices whether by means of embedded tracking or queue monitoring.

What are your target markets?

SecureJet is flexible and dynamic and being an enterprise-class product, fits into all major industries. We have very specific focus in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and clients requiring high security. With that being said our solution can scale from a customer having a single device to having multiple or thousands of devices.

What is Jetmobile doing to stay relevant in the industry?

We are advancing our SecureJet solution to the point where we are attempting to reduce servers’ footprints. We are integrating on industry relevant applications to ensure we have a strong offering for the enterprise environment and industry clients.  We are also advancing our security options while simultaneously maintain relevant and current security technologies.

P4P'ers feel free to contact Stoney and learn more about these awesome and valuable solutions that will set you apart from the competition.

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