Saturday, November 12, 2011

800 Ways to Save & Serve: "5 Tips for More Heat from Less Coal"

The information below was derived from a pamphlet that I found while cleaning out the attic. The pamphlet was printed in 1941 and was titled "800 Ways to Save and Serve", which was designed to help Americans with the World War II effort.

Consumer Quiz:  When do you add coal to the fire?

Answer:  After poking but before shaking for adding the coal AFTER the shaking hinders combustion and is wasteful.

Variety in the coal bin means savings in the budget. Always buy two sizes of coal, using the larger in the very cold weather, and the smaller, mixed with the larger, on warmer days.

Black diamonds in your own furnace await your discovery. Sift your ashes, and you'll be amazed at the amount of coal that is good for another burning. Salvaging those extra pails of coal will help you face the fuel shortage with a warm, as well as a stout, heart.

In hand-firing, observe these shortcuts to maximize heat at the minimum cost:

1. Keep the ash pit clean. Piled up ashes interfere with the draft and burn out the grates.

2. Keep the firepot full. It is not economical to run a low fire bed.

3. The fire door is for feeding only. Don't waste fuel by using it as a draft regulator.

4. If your coal is too fine, it smothers the fire. If too large, it burns uneconomically. Check with your coal merchant and get the right grade.

5. Don't invite costly troubles by using your furnace or boiler as a garbage dump.

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