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800 Ways to Save & Serve: "10 Tips Caring for your Rayon Flimsies"

The information below was derived from a pamphlet that I found while cleaning out the attic.  The pamphlet was printed in 1941 and was titled "800 Ways to Save and Serve", which was designed to help Americans with the World War II effort.

More care, less tear.....more mending. less spending

BTW, yeah I know this is a blog about copiers , MPF's and MFP Solutions, however these are some really good reads and insights from years gone by.

The Art of Caring For Your Rayon Flimsies

With silk off to war, you will be relying more and more on rayon for your pretties and utilities. These pointers will save you money, trouble and disappointment in your rayon handling:

1. Because rayon threads are from 40% to 60% less resistant when wet,  rayon garments should be handled with special care in laundering. Never wash a rayon garment that does not carry a "washable: label. Certain weaves shrink, stretch or mat. Read the label - it is a dependable guide.

2. Hard water is hard on rayon and is likely to leave mineral deposits on the fabric, which weakens the fibres. Use a softener if the water requires it.

3. Don't soak rayons at all because soaking permanently dulls delicate shades. Wash quickly and carefully in lukewarm suds made with mild soap. Follow with throughly rinsing in several lukewarm waters to remove all traces of soap. which tends to weaken the fabric if not washed away.

4. Dry as quickly as possible--away from the heat and light. And dry rayon garments in shape....for example, a rayon jersey is better dried on a flat surface rather than hung up. Wrap fast-color rayons in Turkish towels and squeeze gently to absorb the excess moisture quickly.

5. Use no pins or clothes pins on rayons. They will tear the wet fabric.

6. For longer wear, wash rayon stockings in warm suds, rinse thoroughly, press out excess moisture with Turkish towels and dry for at least 36 hours before wearing.

7. Before pressing rayon,  be absolutely sure to guard against  heat, which fuses and destroys the fibers. The iron should be warm, not hot. Another pointer: It's best to press the rayons right after washing, while still damp--instead of drying and sprinkling.

8. Rayon should be ironed on the wrong side as there is no home remedy for the "glazed" look which results in excessive heat directly applied.

9. Beware of enemies of rayon: acid or acetone cleaners, perfumes and fingernail polishes. These may permanently blemish the fabric.

10. You'll need fewer replacements in your slips if you reinforce them at the point of the hardest wear. Put a piece of bias binding (or an extra bit of satin) under the straps where they meet the slip.

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