Monday, February 21, 2011

Smart MFP's "To the Cloud"

It's not often that I get excited about a third party solution provider for copier and MFP's.  Print Audit remains one of my favs, however another company has garnered my attention.

I found UDOCX (short for Unified Document Exchange) on a thread that they posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  In fact we were discussing cloud based MFP solutions and UDOCX was one of two companies mentioned as Software As a Service (SAAS)

You all know what I do, off to the web to check out their web site.  So, what I found out is that this seems to be be AWESOME.  Probably what I like most is that NO software is required to "Print from", "Scan2", "Print Email", "Scan2fax" and more!

I borrowed this from the brochure:

UDOCX is a cloud-based document processing service that extends your browser-embedded MFP with mail, print, store and fax features without the need to install or maintain any additional software or hardware and while protecting a company’s compliancy and security policies.

Just lately and I'm talking the last 6-12 months, I've heard more IT people say that they don't want additional software on their servers nor do they want to store/maintain an additional server.  UDOCX requires no server is sold as a monthly subscription service, buy it for one MFP of a fleet of MFP's.  You may ask, what's the cost, well,.....I know the cost however I'll leave that to the folks at UDOCX and I believe the cost is extremely reasonable for the features and service that's provided.

I was able to connect with UDOCX the other morning, we had a webex for 6AM my time from the folks in the Netherlands. So I've had the opportunity to view how the software works with the MFP browser and they were able to show me "ease of use" with the solution.

So, if you get the chance go to the UDOCX web site, download the brochure, view the site, set up a trial and above all tell em that you heard about them from the Print4Pay Hotel.

-=Good Selling=-

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