Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can Color Copiers & MFP Print Money? Well yes, however.....

I got nothing against a guy or gal trying to make a buck!  But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't copy or print money on color copiers!!!  The dumb asses below were all arrested for using fake bills! 

To anyone that's thinking about, don't do it!  There's a code that is printed on every sheet of paper that's not visible to you or me, however it is visible to the Feds, and they can track the serial number of the device and where it was sold!!

Ronald Lindsey Bafile of Atlanta, Georgia, was arrested by police after trying to sell fake $20 and $50 bills he made on a color copier to undercover police. Apparently he was selling the fake money to pay for his addiction to marijuana and methamphetamine.

Anthony Paris, Kristy Guilds, Jeremy Rowe and Mitch McQuaid were all arrested in Oswego, New York, after trying to use fake $20 bills at a local McDonalds, that they made using a color copier.

Police arrested John Kenneth Martin of Diboll, Texas after they caught him trying to use fake $10 dollar bills he created on a color copier in order to get a burger from Jack in the Box fast food restaurant.

- Mark Allen Dearborn of Gilbert, Iowa was arrested by local police after he was caught with fake $20 bills that he made on a color copier, trying to make a purchase at a local Walmart.

- Lorree Ann Capps of Anderson, South Carolina was sentenced to 30 months in prison for making fake $20 bills using a color copier.

- Janelle Newsome and Richard Gladfelter were arrested for allegedly creating fake $10 and $20 bills using a color copier in South Charleston, WV.

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