Monday, February 21, 2011

Print4Pay Hotel to Launch New Copier & MFP Web Portal

When you only have to rely on yourself, sometimes things can take awhile. 

I've just about finished a major upgrade to the P4P Hotel web portal. The new portal will be the "go to" place for industry news, videos, blogs, guest bloggers and industry related  threads and discussions.  We've consolidated all of the manufacturers web forums into one neat package.  Every manufacturer is now represented on one simple forum.

BTW, make sure you check out our articles that can be purchased and downloaded and you may also want to get some P4P Hotel gear and have it around the office to remind everyone that the Prin4Pay Hotel is be the best source on the web for real "feet on the street" information!

So, keep checking in every day to and we'll have a new experience for you!

-=Good Selling=-

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