Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ricoh HQ Duplicator on Steroids w/Envelope Feeder

I just ran across a thread on the net in reference to someone needing additional information about a Ricoh Digital Duplicator and if that system was capable of printing envelopes. I've had Digital Duplicators in print shops for a number of years and all of these printers are using these to print envelopes along with various other documents.

The Ricoh HQ9000 is capable of stacking about 100 envelopes and you can print to the device with either a PC or MAC. The one draw back is that you can only print single color envelopes, but the quality and reliability is awesome. At 150 pages per minute, you really have to baby sit the duplicator,  if you're doing runs of 500 - 10,000, again the feeder only takes 100 envelopes or there about. Cost? jesh....cost has be something like .0001 when you are doing runs of 1,000 or more.

Anyway, back to the thread about the envelope feeder on the duplicator. Take a look at the video from straight shooter, they have a device that will work with the Ricoh HQ9000 for long runs.

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