Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sharp Imaging "Giving Customer What They Need"

Finally...., and Kudos to Sharp Imaging!! Sharp announced on May 7th, 2008 and they will be the first Copier Manufacturer to release a full line of A4 multifunctional devices. If you don't know A4 print devices are not capable of printing or copying onto 11x17 (tabloid size paper).

I've been touting this type of machine for about two years know and feel that this launch of A4 MFP's could vault Sharp into #1 in MFP placements in the US. I checked Sharps web site and did not find any of these new devices yet.

Below are paragraphs from the press release.

New Business Workgroup A4 MFP and Printer Line:With the unveiling of a new line of A4 MFPs and printers - its largest line of multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) and printers ever - Sharp is providing A3 performance in a sleek A4 footprint, leveraging its heritage in enterprise solutions to offer features and functionality not available in any other line in this class.

The new A4 lineup, which will include 18 color and monochrome MFP and printer models in a wide range of Segment 3 and 4 speeds, leverages this proven formula. For example, the new MFPs use the same next generation multi-tasking MFP controller technology as other Sharp product offerings. In addition, all MFP models in the series will support the new 3rd generation of the Sharp OSA development platform, turning them into a gateway for document-based business communications by integrating the devices with network-based applications.

The new line boasts advanced remote access and device management capabilities. A new printer administration utility (PAU version 5.0) incorporates a Remote Front Panel feature that allows an IT administrator to remotely take control of the device’s front panel, giving them the ability to see exactly what the end user is seeing. The IT administrator can remotely change settings, show the user how to perform a function, or diagnose and often rectify problems without deploying a technician to the device. To gain enhanced levels of support, the IT administrator can also grant the service provider permission to perform this function directly from their dealership. This unique MFP capability dramatically reduces unit downtime and service expenses.

All models feature Sharp’s award-winning network security suites that can be enhanced through data security kits encrypting document data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and secure data erase, which overwrites the hard drive up to seven times.
Sharp has enhanced its new line with a bold new look that complements today’s office environment. Featuring a stylish, textural exterior with chrome accents, the new Sharp MFP line offers appealing aesthetics in a compact design. The new MFP models also feature brilliant Sharp displays: an 8.5 inch (diagonal) WVGA Color Touch panel with thumbnail previewing for easy in IT-oriented workflow intensive environments; each speed is also available with a 4.3 inch (diagonal) Advanced Super View (ASV) color LCD display providing easy navigation for non-workflow, price-sensitive applications. This new look will be adopted for future Sharp MFP and printer lines.

These should prove to be awesome systems with great price points for cost per page and hardware. If any has information on these systems, please send me an email

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