Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paper Made From Rocks!

The race is on! Paper from Trees or paper from Rocks, which do we have more of? If it's my property I could be a millionaire, I got rocks all over the darn place!

I picked this quote up the other day and I thought naw, can't be done and if it could be done, would I have to go out and get me a new shredder? Are companies going to start sending me information printed on "rock paper", will I be able to burn it, shred it, cut it or use it to sop up a spill?

Here's the quote:

"Three companies have unveiled paper made from rocks. TerraSkin, ViaStone and Paperocks have introduced sheets of paper made from crushed limestone that when combined with resin, form a white, rip-proof sheet. The companies claim that using their products will save trees."

My first thought is that trees are a renewable resource aren't they, we can plant as many trees as we like to sustain our paper needs. What about rocks, we can't make plant more rocks can we? Can we shred it, fold it, burn it, and how about using it as confetti? Can you image if they used Rock Paper as confetti in the Canyon of Heros when the Giants won the Super Bowl? I can also remember lime products being pulled from Little League fields, lime was used to line the fields.

If paper gets wet it just bio degrades, wonder what happens with rock paper? Can we still make paper airplanes, paper mache and origami?

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