Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ricoh MPC Series "Turbo Charge Your Ricoh MFP"

How can you get the most out of your new Ricoh MP Series Multifunctional Device without breaking the bank and getting the best bang for your buck?

By adding the these three Ricoh solutions you can enjoy increased productivity, reduce paper, reduce costs and reduce down time. Along with knowing that you are doing your part to conserve resources.

The solutions that I've outlined will add less than $100 a month to the typical 5 year copier lease, and depending where your companies workflow and volumes stack up, the savings could be well over the investment.

Our first solution is to add Document Mall 3 year/1GB Solution with the MFP browser. Document Mall is a robust off-site Document Management Software SaaS (Software as a Service) that can enable your Ricoh Multifunctional Device to push documents to an off-site Document Repository. From the LCD screen of the MFP, any user can see the file folder structure and then select where the paper documents need to go. Document Mall will then organize documents by type, using indexing and full search. Document Mall can also be used as a collaboration tool, where you can work on documents together, edit documents and create markups. What I like most about Document Mall is the ease of use, along with the ability to access documents where ever there is an Internet connection. You don't have to have a degree in order to enjoy the benefits of Document Management and you don't have to have an IT infrastructure to keep the system updated and running. This package can be leased for under $60 per month.

Moving on to Embedded Print Director, all Ricoh MFP's now have the ability to embed software on a Java card, thus enabling features that can be used through the MPF's LCD display. Embedded Print Director will monitor every copy and print on Ricoh MFP's. The long and short of is that every print and copy can be tracked for charge backs and accountability. At the end of the year the system can provide a full report on what was printed, copied, identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies on the network and can help IT maintain a balanced budget for Total Cost of Ownership. A single MFP package can be leased for under $20 per month.

Over the last few years our industry has moved away from yearly service contracts. More and more dealerships are offering a monthly cost per page billing that includes all consumables (toner, pm parts), labor and parts. This allows the customer to pay as they use and eliminates that once a year high contract cost for high volume users. In most cases its a good thing for both the customer and the dealership. What is required though is the constant contact with the customer for reporting of meter reads. The dealership must call on a monthly basis and or have a service engineer drop buy to access the meters and report back for billing purposes, all of this takes alot of time on the customers part and the dealers resources. Enter @ Remote.

@ Remote will eliminate the need for meter reads. A Remote is a network appliance that will communicate with your networked multifunctional systems and printers, the appliance will then report back to the secure @ remote hosting facility. This feature will then eliminate the the process of calling for meter reads and will enhance productivity for the clients core business. @ Remote will also identify problems with connected units and will automatically update firmware as needed for every device. Cost for at remote is under $18 per month for the appliance, some dealers will charge a monthly access for this device. Best bet is to ask ahead of time.

For a review Document Mall will save paper, file folders, pendaflex folders and file cabinets by utilizing the off-site document management software. Documents can then be downloaded, reviewed, and or forwarded in an electronic format. Embedded Print Director will allow users to "charge back" for copying or printed pages and redirect printing to a lower cost MFP and provide a comprehensive report on Total Cost of Ownership. @ Remote will increase your companies productivity by concentrating on your core business and not baby sitting MFP devices for meter reads. @ Remote will also provide the latest firmware updates at a moments notice.

All in all these three solutions will Turbo Charge your PC into a cost saving solution from day one, all for under $100 per month. Not bad eh? I've included links for all three of the devices so you can learn more. Choosing the right MFP will go a long way with easy cost saving solutions.

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