Friday, April 4, 2008

“So Easy a Copier Rep Can Sell It"

The copier industry is facing tough times. It is no longer just about speeds and feeds, rather how can the equipment be used as part of a business process to increase productivity?

Usually that business process includes software add-ons. The software add-ons can be for a specific task; for example, managing access and usage, or for general purpose document processing and document management.

All of the manufacturers now have reliable devices that will print, scan, fax and copy in color or monochrome. Almost all systems now support scan2email, scan2folder, fax4ward to folder. The questions now becomes how do we separate ourselves from our competition? The time is right for P4P’s Docuary (document management for everyone) and P4P’s Docuary Web.

Every copy representative should have a “go to” software product that is easy to learn to demonstrate and bundled with the hardware lease for less than .65 cents a day! His/her proposal will stand out from the others because he/she is selling a “total” solution. Tell me, what the heck can you buy for .72 cents a day, a cup of coffee (No), a bagel (NO), Bottle of Water (NO), gallon of gas (absolutely NO). The time is right to break out of your shell and go where others have gone, do you want to be the only one left on the planet selling something that just copies, prints and scans? Do you want to face extinction!

Transform yourself to a Docusultant (someone who consults on paper based workflow). Give your SMB (Small to Mid Size Business) what they really need. Every SMB needs P4P’s Docuary or Docaury Web (document management for everyone), they just don’t know that they need it!

Docuary has the following features:

* Unlimited user access
* Proven in thousands of locations
* SQL database engine
* Web based access
* Folder/file navigation or database lookups (based upon user defined indexes)
* Full content management (key word lookup based upon content)
* Optional batch processing of documents via barcode, forms recognition, etc.
* Availability of source code
* File access auditing
* Version control

The software is easily installed on a notebook in minutes and so easy to learn that a demo could be given to a prospect in 15 minutes without any formal training. In other words, “So Easy a Copier Rep Can Sell It”.

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