Sunday, April 27, 2008

Polling Copier Sales People

Here's a few more polls that were conducted on the Print4Pay Hotels Message Boards. The Print4Pay Hotel has dedicated message boards for Canon, KonicaMinolta, Kyocera, Xerox and the Ricoh Family Group. Enjoy!

Poll: Has HP's CM8050/CM8060 Color MFP taken any of your business, or have you seen any of these in the field?

53% No

47% No, and I have not seen any in the field!

Some members who voted were actually dual line dealers for HP and Ricoh, interesting that the much vaulted HP CM8050/CM8060 has not been seen in the field by 47% of our members.

Poll: "Commission For Clicks" Has The Time Come for Sales People to be Paid on Click Revenue?

78% Yes
10% No

12% Not Sure

I know of a few trials being conducted for click revenue, I will report more on this once I hear back from them. Seems to me this should be the wave of the future!

Poll: "Color CPC Poll" How low do you think all inclusive Color Cost Per Copies will Go?

.065 (6%)

.06 (3%)

.055 (10%)

.05 (29%)

.045 (19%)

.040 (10%)

.035 (6%)

under .035 (16%)

51% our our members believe the price will fall below 5 cents for all inclusive color pages.

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