Sunday, April 27, 2008

Buying a Used Copy Machine on the Internet? "Buyer Beware"

Sneakers, Software, Computers, and Clothes all good things to buy via the Internet. Pre-Owned and used copiers....not a good thing to buy over the Internet.

In my 28 years in the business, copy machines are service intensive machines, whether they are analog or digital, they need a qualified service engineer in order to service them correctly and keep them running. Without getting very technical and I could, but its late on Sunday and I'll need some down time later. I'll list a few reason why you should not buy used, pre-owned or off lease copy machines over the Internet.

1. There is no "car fax" for copy machines, you have no idea who serviced the unit, how qualified the service engineers were, if the machine was in a flood, dropped, re boxed or if the factory updates were ever performed. This alone should be enough to scare you away.

2. How will it be shipped? Copy Machines are very susceptible to bent frames, broken covers, trays and displays when not shipped properly. Do you want to go through the hassle of an insurance claim if the copier arrives damaged?

3. Who will service this beauty that has very low volume and grandma only used it to make a few copies a week. Are there reliable service engineers in your area that are Authorized to make repairs? You could have everything go right and the copy machine is perfect, however your local service company does not know how to fix it, or they will take three days be on site or maybe the closed Authorized Dealer is 150 miles or more away!

4. Who will assist with all of advanced functionality of the unit? Are you prepared to spend hours on the Internet searching for manuals, software and drivers?

5. When the machine arrives are you prepared to pay for someone to install the unit or train your staff how to use the system?
6. Meters on copy machines, if they can be turned back on cars, they can also be turned back on copy machines. Are you willing to take that risk and get a machine that has a million pages on it, when you thought the meter was 100,000 pages?

Buying anything used or pre-owned is a risk on the Internet, especially copiers. If you want used or pre-owned call your local dealer and ask what they have to offer. Most dealers will be able to accommodate your needs with used or pre-owned copy machine that they have serviced from day one!


Bill Tucker said...

I can definatly relate! You must really trust the source or you'll get burned. Being an Independant Copier Company we often purchase off lease machines and hope we get what they tell us they are sending. Actually we hope to get the machine period. I sent a large sum of money to a company named Direct Source USA in Orlando Florida. Two months later The owner Dominic Navarra won't return my e-mails or calls. I checked on Smarka a tech bulletin board and he has done this in the past to many other people in the Copier business. Warning!!! Don't buy from this guy! There are many good honest resellers but he is not one of them, Buyer Beware!

Anonymous said...

I have had a similar experience with this company as well. Promised me one thing, delivered something else and left me holding the bag. I agree with Bill, Buyer Beware