Saturday, January 12, 2008

Too Many MFP Solutions & Hardware?

How many do we need? At last count my manufacturer (Ricoh) has 66 current models of MFP's, 36 current models of laser printers, 9 current models of duplicators, 7 current models of Scanners, 9 currents models of Faxes, almost 30 different software solutions and a price list that comprises 1,977 products??

In order to be proficient with all of the products, I spent countless hours reading about all of the products and where these products will be able to help my clients!

In order to keep all of this information, I have my home/office PC, a notebook, a cell phone with all of my contact information, three plastic filers (that I keep in my card), countless USB drives packed with information and a brain that is just about fried.

Will the madness every stop??

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