Monday, June 10, 2013

Top Ten Copier and MFP Proposals for May 2013

May 2013 business go me back on top of the leaders list for tops in total sales and tops in new business for the entire team. To date I've racked in $130k in net new business.  However, June is not looking so good, a lot in the pipeline but a lot of it has already moved to July!! It figures, last quarter of the month and I need to hit a number and that number isn't looking real good right now.  Last week I logged more than 150 calls, made only a few appointments, couple of opportunities, however I did develop a lot of potential ops for the August & September time line.

On another note, we'll be moving the MFP Solutions Blog to a new site.  I'll be able to condense all three sites into one site. The main objective is to save me time and to bring some of my ideas to the masses.

One more important item, each week I'll be writing a Premium Blog, thus the only way you'll be able to read this is to subscribe to a Premium Print4Pay Hotel membership.  The annual subscription will be $125 per year, however if you elect to take a Lifetime Premium Membership the cost is only $299 until July 1st, after July 1st the cost for the Lifetime Premium Membership will be $499. If you'd like please go here to access your Lifetime membership (since we made our announcement last week, we've had ten new Lifetime Members.

Each month on the Print4Pay Hotel forums we'll upload "Pricing on the Street" quotes, these quotes are certified as accurate since the pricing information is emailed to us from other Print4Pay Hotel members in the field.

We'll also receive and upload quotes and proposals from other
Print4Pay Hotel members and these quotes will be "the proposal or quote" that was emailed to the end user.

Each month I'll list those proposals/quotes and "Pricing on the Street" here with the associated links.

You need to be a Premium Member in order to download the documents.  So without further ado here's the top quotes from May 2013.  Enjoy!

"pricing on the street" ricoh mpc4502a

"pricing on the street" ricoh 2470

pricing on the street Xerox WC5765v3

pricing on the street Xerox 5765PT

pricing on the street KonicaMinolta BizHub 652

pricing on the street Canon Image Runner Advance 6265v2

"Pricing on the Street" KonicaMinolta BizHub 751 v2

"Pricing on the Street" for Ricoh MP7502SP

Konica Minolta C224 systems

multi ricoh mp6002_mp9002_mp2852 proposal
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