Sunday, February 26, 2012

SMART MFP's 2the Cloud

Mick Jagger wrote "I live in an aparttment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block" in the song titled "Get Off of My Cloud" way back in 1965.  Who would have thunk that the "Cloud" would now play an import part of sharing, colaborating and migrating business documents almost 50 years later!
I'd like to share a recent post on the Print4Pay Hotel forums from our friends at UDOCX.

Last year, we have been talking mostly about UDOCX and its ability to integrate multifunctional devices from companies like Ricoh and Xerox (Canon and Sharp soon to come) with Microsoft services including Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

People often ask if you can still use UDOCX even if you haven’t migrated to a cloud-based infrastructure and are still using a traditional, on-premise installation of SharePoint.

The answer is YES!

You can scan documents directly from your multifunctional scan/copy/print devices to on-premise SharePoint document libraries. We even support hybrid environments where some SharePoint destinations are local and some are cloud based. To read more about configuring UDOCX for hybrid environments, click here.

Your UDOCX-enabled multifunctional devices communicate through the UDOCX cloud service to either SharePoint Online or a local, on-premise installation of SharePoint. Your employees may access your on-premise SharePoint services even when they are traveling or telecommuting. Because UDOCX connects to SharePoint using the credentials of the currently logged in user, all of the same connectivity rights are available to the UDOCX service during that session. The location of the SharePoint server, in the office or in the cloud, is completely transparent to the end user, therefore if you can access your SharePoint services over the Internet, so can UDOCX. This also helps to explain why UDOCX does not require any on-premise hardware or software. UDOCX is a completely cloud-based Internet service.

Is it secure?

UDOCX uses the same domain-level authentication and security that you’re already using on a daily basis in your organization. Setting up UDOCX requires absolutely no security changes to your existing environment and it completely adheres to SharePoint’s (formidable) security protocols.
This ensures that all configurations are 100% compliant with any security policies that your organization may already have in place. UDOCX never grants a user more or less SharePoint access than they would normally have from their workstation.

In a nutshell, UDOCX is a cloud-based service that leverages the latent technology inherent in today’s multifunctional copy/scan/print devices to provide seamless Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange integration, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Any questions? Ask us!

BTW, yes UDOCX is a Proud Partner for the Print4Pay Hotel forums
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Anonymous said...

I must have missed the announcement that UDOCX is now compatible with Xerox. How do I get an NFR copy for my demo room?

Art Post said...

click the banner ad on this site and send em an email. I'm sure they'd be happy to help.