Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Selling Copiers "Selling in a Slow Economy"

Twenty Six years in the business, I started my copier selling career in 1982. I have seen the tough times, the good times and these times come and gone more than a few times. Here' s a few things that I try to do so I can take advantage of an economic slowdown, not saying we're in one however the decision making process that used to take a few weeks now seems to be almost 4-6 weeks. Please comment is you're experiencing this, I would like to hear from different areas. Here we go.

1. Now more than ever, businesses will want to SAVE cash! Get into your base, and set appointments based on lower their costs. Your presentation should focus on cost per page for each device in the office and then present an ROI spreadsheet that outlines what they are spending NOW and what they would save with moving the volume to a new MFP solution! Go after standalone faxes, small MFP's and side by side faxes, make sure explain the savings of Fax4ward2email!

2. Government ,Municipalities, Schools, Board of Educations will continue to buy, seems like they have an unlimited source of tax dollars (lol), plus you can get a lot of placements.

3. Food Industry, every body has to eat and usually they are not affected like other markets.

4. Medical, seems always to be recession proof and the dollars are always out their to upgrade equipment.

5. Attorneys, especially trial and bankruptcy, the criminals never stop and the foreclosures and bankruptcies will increase created a higher demand for documents.

If anyone has anymore to add, please post a comment!

Good Selling!

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Chris said...

I agree with what you are saying on touching those vertical markets, people are spending money, but no one is responsive to reducing their printing costs. That's not enough to set a first appointment anymore. What are some other avenues to explore to grab prospects attention enough to want to meet with you?