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Selling Copiers, How Does Your Dealership Rate?

It's time for another Guest Blogger. I have know Mike Kaprinski for 6 years and I consider him as one of the elite sales guys in our industry. Mike has put together an awesome blog for you. (Art Post)

Are you working for a dealership prepared for the future of Office Technology?

This might sound like I am making a big deal out of nothing, but I am not. You are making good money and the deals are closing, but you are losing some of the bigger deals, people in immediate need and you cannot compete in bids or large deals. Your dealership could be a sinking ship and you better be one of the first out and not the last because your reputation will be tarnished.

I had asked myself these exact questions a year ago. My answer was mostly no for each one. Below are questions that you should answer yes for at least 80% of them. Questions with the # next to them are “a must.”

#Does your dealership have inventory?
-What good is a sale if you have no product!!!

Does your dealership have demo/loaner inventory?
-You need to show and make sure it is the correct solution.

#Does your dealership have Certified Network Engineers?
-What if something happens while doing network install?

Does your dealership have a software solution expert?
-You need someone with completely understands all possible software.

#Does your dealership have delivery staff?
-You need to be selling and not delivering!

#Does your dealership have a real retirement plan that they contribute?
-The dealership should invest in the well being of their employees.

Does your dealership have a gated commission plan for each deal?
-This way you or they will not lose money later on.

#Can your dealership pay you all you commissions on time?
(Ex: March commissions paid by April 30th)

Does your dealership have an internal bonus program?
-They need to invest in the strongest reps and keep them happy.
80/20 rule applies here!

Does your dealership have President Club Trips?
-They need to invest in the strongest reps and keep them happy.
Not to Dealer Sales Meetings!
80/20 rule applies here also!

#Does your dealership have a company handbook for rules and procedures?
-This one should be common sense.

#Does your dealership have enough service people for the MIF and size of territory?
- The machine will breakdown and service needs to be done in a timely manner.

#Does your dealership have service technicians that actually receive manufacturer training? (Not mostly on the job training or from a book)
-I always say I can send a monkey in less than 4 hours but he won’t fix it!

Is your boss out of touch with reality and only working part time while you bust your butt?
-If you are their cash cow and bosses are taking it easy you are probably dealing with all the issues they should be handling.

#Does your dealership have a written down marketing campaign?
-They should help you spread the word and it should look professional.

#Does your dealership have real sales database? (NOT OMD!)
-Any online sales database, ACT, Goldmine something to monitor activity.

#Does your dealership invest in itself?
-Nice office for customers/prospects to see, new reps, trainings and seminars.

Does your dealership use up to date technology like new phone systems, computers and cell phones?
-If you are trying to sell technology you better be buying it.

I hope this helps some of you out. I believe the next step in our industry is that independent dealers are going to be few and far between so try to find a good manufacturer owned dealership that will value its employees and the work they do.

I will be happy to talk to any of you if you have any questions. Please feel free to email me at

Good Selling,
-=Boston Mike=-

About Me: I have been in the Office technology for over 10 years. I have worked with all kinds of customers. I was with a small Ricoh dealership for almost 10 years where I had to learn most things on my own. For the last year I have been with CBS-A Xerox Company, which is part of Global Imaging Systems. I wish I had made my move 5 years ago and that is why I am sharing my experience.

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