Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MFP Wars "Copier/MFP Manufacturers to Buy Printer Manufacturers"

With the recent aquisition of Oce by Canon, what's next for the likes of Xerox, Ricoh, Canon and KonicaMinolta? There's no more Ikon, Danka and Global like companies left for them to buy. Could it be possible that the next wave of consolidation comes from Printer Manufactuers, or better yet do some of the Print Manufacturers secure thier market share with the aquisition of low level players such as Muratec, Toshiba, Sharp, and Kyocera?

I count at least 13 prominant players that need to capture printed or copied pages, they are Xerox, Canon (Oce), Toshiba, Ricoh, KonicaMinolta, Kyocera, Sharp, Samsung, Epson, Okidata, Lexmark, Brother and HP. The all want to capture as many pages as they can.

On the printer side you've got Epson, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Okidata and Samsung. Heard on the street is that Lexmark and Oki were hit hard with the recession, while Epson and HP and Samsung remained strong. Ricoh has InfoPrint and has somewhat of a relationship with Lexmark, do we look for Ricoh to acquire Lexmark somewhere in the not to distant future. Copier companies purchasing printer companies is not uncommon and has happened before. In 1998 QMS was purchased by Minolta Corp and in 2000 Xerox purchased Tektronix, we all know the old saying "what comes around goes around". Thoughts are this will be next round of consolidation for the imaging indsutry.

But, we can look at this another way, what really defines the captured page? Can we also look at this as a "managed page"? If so, could the Giants of the Industry look to acquire some of the largest Managed Print Providers in the not to distant future? I tend to think some of the largest Managed Print Providers are a good bet for takeovers, or acquisition and maybe the quickest road for expansion for either the printer or copier manufacturers. Anyway you slice it, there's still trillions of pieces of paper that can be captured, question is who is gonna make fire the first salvo.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Selling Copiers and MFP's "Great Copier & MFP Recession"

Through out the last six months I've been holding off with touting that the "Great Copier/MFP Recession" is kaput! After hearing from other Print4Pay Hotel Members and what I've seen and sold the last six months,I hearby decree that the "Great Copier & MFP Recession" is now over!!!! Hurray!!

What's it been, about two and half years? It's seemed alot longer for me and some others. For the first time in two and half years, I'm maintaining my numbers, but what really clued me in was the last 45 days or so. The opportunities for new devices are off the charts. That's the good news!

There is some bad news however, it seems the average selling price is lower than it's ever been before. Direct Branch pressure, quota pressure and the presence of A4 devices has squeezed the heck out of the industry.

So, how do you combat average lower selling prices? For starters you need to sell more, sell more hardware, sell more solutions and find more opportunities, there's no other way around. Find ways to work smarter and be more productive.

Some titles I'm working on for this week:

Copier Manufacturers Need to Purchase Printer Manufacturers

10 Tips to Work Smarter and Increase your Productivty

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Copier Hard Drives & Security "Easy Solution"

There's been a tremendous amount of traffic on Twitter and Google in reference to theft of identity and theft of corporate secrets from copier hard drives.

Almost all of the Copier Manufacturers have released statements in recent weeks in reference to how secure their new systems are and there are options for new systems that will scrub, erase and delete the data on these drives. Any company considering a purchase or lease of a new copier/MFP should ask about the options that are now available.

With some of the manufacturers such as Ricoh, they have a removable hard drive. The hard drive actually sits outside of the system and can be removed by an authorized user. The hard drive is secured in place by using a provided key lock system allowing for authorized removal and quick and easy storage. However, this feature/option is not available with all of the Copier/MFP's that Ricoh offers.

As the industry moves forward, the all manufacturers need to offer a removable hard drives for all of their models no matter how big or how small. At the end of the life cycle of the copier, the hard drive can be removed and owner of the MFP keeps their hard drive with their data and they can do what they want with it.

Removable drive makes sense for the customer; they get to keep their data, the leasing company; they get the system back with the original OEM hard drive still in place; the dealer; gets to keep it simple for all parties involved. A few weeks ago a Print4Pay Hotel member stated that even if a hard drive is broken into chunks data can still be retrieved. So, unless you are going to shred your hard drive, you're probably better off keeping your old drive with your data.

But, what about that copier that was shipped back to the leasing company a few years ago? My thoughts, most likely it was either dismantled for parts, still sitting in the warehouse or was sold to dealer that has already re-sold the system and its back in a new office making copies and prints.

Just yesterday, I had to print a copy of my taxes to the Copier/MFP and I actually thought twice about hitting the print solution. Thoughts ranged from; will and image be retained on the hard drive forever, where will this copier/mfp be in a few years from now? What it came down to is that I needed it to print the documents, thus I sent the file. Personally, I consider printing to a copier/mfp as very low risk and would rate giving my credit card to a gas station attendant a higher risk (Here in NJ, we get our gas pumped for us, and we pass less at the pump for a gallon of gas.... go figure).

So, when selling a new system, advise your customer of how or who will delete or remove their old hard drive data, and if you're in the market for a new system, don't be a cheap skate, spend the extra bucks if it's an option. If you turned in a system a few years ago and nothing has happened with your corporate secrets or your identity, I'd let it go, odds are nothing will happen.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Professional Copier & MFP Proposals & Quotes

Take it from someone in the business, the copiers of the past are long gone! Today's multifunctional copiers are a marvel of engineering, today users are able to scan, copy, print, and fax from one system at a very low cost per page.

But, how do you go about getting the right system for your needs? How do you protect your data on the system? You can do all the research on the Internet, however how do you know that you're getting the right system for the right job, or better yet a system or professional corporation that will increase help increase your productivity with out breaking the bank.

The multifunctional systems of today require extensive knowledge for support and maintenance.

Our P4P members are best of breed professionals that can consult on hardware, and software applications that are designed to run embedded software within the multifunctional unit.

There's plenty of places on the Internet where you can fill out a form about speeds and feeds of a system. Once those Internet sites have that information they sell it to multiple vendors in your area. The next thing you know you're hit with a bevy of emails, phone calls, and sale people trying to sell you a box., they couldn't care less if it ever worked right , nor if it was the "right" solution for your company.

If your business is focused on it's core business, you need to surround yourself with Valued Added Partners that will consult on best practices and reliable solutions that will increase productivity and ease your pain with paper.

Our site offers to connect you with the top consultant in your area, they are the best of the best and have a continuing education program that keeps them on top of the latest technology and trends in the industry. You owe it to yourself to click here and get connected with one our our P4P "Docusultants"

Take it from me a 30 year veteran in the business, when you lease or purchase a multifunctional system, you'd better have the best support, service and knowledgeable consultants, if not you're wasting your time and money.

Click here to connect with a Professional Imaging Vendor at the  P4P Cafe

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Print4Pay Hotel Weekend Updates for 5/21/10

Another killer week for opportunities, appointments and sales. Let's keep our fingers crossed seems like things are finally heating up here in the East and so is the weather. Blogging has been hard to keep up with lately, I've had 15-20 appointments each week!

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Posted Price Quotes:

Scottsboro, Alabama 35768
Yarnell Justice Precinct
Toshiba Bid fpr Muni

Leads, RFP's & RFQ's:

Lead for 20-25ppm in Lousiville, KY
Lead for multiple MFP's in Jacksonville, FL
Ricoh W3600 Wide Format Lead in New England!
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Lead for 45ppm MFP in Virgina
MFP & MPS Bid in Southern Cal
Hot Lead for 30-50ppm MFP in Raleigh, NC

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Remember When Leasing Office Equipment Was Easy?

An ongoing topic on the Print4Pay Hotel forums titled "Time in business requirements" has many members talking about the how the Copier Equipment Leasing Business has changed in recent years.

I can remember when 97% all deals were approved, and if you were giving one leasing company first crack at all of your apps, most of the times they would approve the good, the bad and the ugly (maybe not the ugly, however they would take almost everything you gave them).

Fast forward to today and we find that during the last two years all of the major Copier Leasing Companies are pretty much creaming all of the applications, if the deals got a spot or blemish it's not going to get approved by them. Although some dealers have had some success with newer, smaller office equipment leasing companies that are taking some risk. A few dealers have even turned to thier local banks or the customers local bank for equipment financing in order to get the deal done.

In the last two years, it's probably been the worst times for both the copier industry and the office equipment leasing industry. Hey, who are ya gonna pay first, the payroll and ultilities or the copier lease? Pretty much, that's been the sign of the times. Real Estate, Mortgage, Construction, Title Companies are treated like Plague by the leasing companies.

Things you can do to help get those deals approved:

1. Always submit a fully completed application
2. Have the customer agree to a much shorter term lease, 24 and 12 months
3. Have the customer pay down the lease, if it's 10k for the equipment, ask if they'll put down 3K or so.
4. Get a PG

I've also got a sure fired way to help close deals when leasing...........want the details send me and email (art@p4photel.com)  and make sure you're a member of the Print4Pay Hotel.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The 3D's of Selling Copy Machines & MFP's

It's been a long time since I've been around "rookies, newbie’s" or whatever you'd like to call new people breaking into the MFP/Copier business. I'm not a manager or owner; I'm working commercial & major accounts right along with them.
As many of you know our business is constantly changing, whether it's hardware models or solutions software, nothing stays the same for long!

What are the 3D's?

Put them in any order you want, it takes all THREE to be successful in our business. DESIRE, DEDICATION & DETERMINATION

So, what is DESIRE?

1. to wish or long for; crave; want.
2. to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request: The mayor desires your presence at the next meeting.
3. a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment: a desire for fame.
4. an expressed wish; request.


Well, I thought this would be EASY! LOL

The satisfaction that you are the best at what you do to make a living. You present solutions with PASSION and can paint a picture of the future for your existing clients or your new prospects! Losing is not an option! As Ricky Bobbie put it "If you're not first you're last"!


1.the act of dedicating.
2.the state of being dedicated: Her dedication to medicine was so great that she had time for little else.
3.a formal, printed inscription in a book, piece of music, etc., dedicating it to a person, cause, or the like.
4.a personal, handwritten inscription in or on a work, as by an author to a friend.


You'll take the extra time to figure out a solution or educate YOURSELF to make you more knowledgeable for your clients and your company. I love what I'm doing and I'll do it better than anyone else and if you don’t believe me just watch me. Our job is not a 9-5 job, if you want 9-5 money go work for Burger King. Always ask yourself "Am I working as hard as I can"?

While we're at it DETERMINATION

1.the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.

2.the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose.


When it's a quarter to 5 and you're on your way home, and you pass that business that you've called many times and got nothing, do you continue to go home or do you stop for one more cold call? Well, we stop for one more cold call. You're always moving forward with new promos, following up with calls until you have the answers whether it's good or bad. Selling is similar to playing chess, you're always thinking about the next step, or the next objection and what if's, determined people always have a plan to get where they want to be.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Print4Pay Hotel Weekend Updates for 5/8/10

It's been busy out in the field and with the better sales and weather in New Jersey, I haven't had as much time to blog as I'd like to. It's been busy with at the P4P Hotel forums with over 31,000 page views, and 68 new members in the last month.

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Posted Price Quotes:

Scottsboro, Alabama 35768
Yarnell Justice Precinct
Toshiba Bid fpr Muni

Leads, RFP's & RFQ's:

Managed Print Services PROPOSALS DUE: May  2010
2 45ppm systems in San Bernadino, CA
Lead in Atlanta for 30-50ppm color
A fleet of approximately 500 total networked devices MPS Bid
PA is seeking a vendor to provide Printing Services for use by the District's schools
74 -- Office machines, text processing systems & visible record equipment

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canon & Oce "Good Deal or Not a Good Deal"

I've always been a fan of Howie Mandels "Deal or NO Deal", I find myself trying to use my super psychic powers to pick the "right case", well, it seems I have better luck betting on the ponies, they'll be NO million dollar case for me.

A few months ago we (Print4Pay Hotel) posted a poll here on the MFP Solutions blog about the recent Canon & Oce Deal. We asked our readers.

Canon & Oce "Was this a good deal or a not so good deal?"

Here's how our readers responded!

Good Deal 55%
Bad Deal 32%
Not Sure 13%

More readers thought it was a good deal for both parties and I'd have to agree. From preivious threads from Print4Pay Hotel members, it seems that Oce had been courting a buyer for quite some time, at one point KonicaMinolta was rumored to be buying to shares of Oce over in Europe. Anyway, the business continues to consolidate and margins are still tight, talk is that's there's another major move to be made before the end of the year. The only hint I can give is that both companies have manufactured cameras.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Copier Hard Drive Security "Give it a Break"

A few weeks ago a story broke from a CBS reporter that traveled to New Jersey (of all places he had to pick New Jersey) to a copier bone yard aka used copier warehouse. Well, one thing he got right, New Jersey is one of the most corrupt states in the nation. However when it comes to copier hard drive security there were many Print4 Pay Hotel members that picked a few holes in his story.

Being an expert in the industry for over 30 years and being an avid Twitter user, I started seeing the comments come fast and furious about business and personal information on copier hard drives. I was aware of this years ago as were many copier manufacturers, most if not all manufacturers closed this loophole in the hard drive security many years ago.

The machines in question were bought for a few hundred dollars each, we all found it quite coincidental that all 4 machines had so much information. Here's what one Print4Pay Hotel member stated, "Not much chance that you'd buy 4 machines at random and then find out that you hit the jackpot with a police sex crimes division, a health care company and an architecture firm with plans of a building near ground zero, all on the day CBS decided to follow you with a camera", and another "I wonder how many copiers in that NJ warehouse have shipping paperwork attached or simply lying under the ADF. Wouldn’t an identity thief looking to purchase a copier be able to browse the NJ warehouse looking for shipping paperwork from financial institutions and turning down copiers being returned from “Mom & Pop” businesses?"

Another point with the report, in the video it showed the documents, I paused the video several times to get a date on the papers and none of them seemed newer than 2008, meaning that these copiers were most likely leased in 2003 time frame. Prior to 2003 Digital Copiers were in the infancy of development with only a few manufacturers had addressed security with hard drives on their units.

It's time to stop beating up on copiers, what about all of the old pc's that were thrown out or returned to leasing companies over the years, did anyone take the time to scrub those drives or remove them. Here's another post from a Print4Pay Hotel member "Did you know that if you format a hard drive that the data can still be recovered? There are wipe methods to prevent software recovery and hardware recovery. The dept. of defense has a specific 7 pass sanitize method that Sharp utilizes. That will prevent hardware recovery. However no matter where the hard drive comes from there have been documented cases of reverse engineering to bypass the wipe method. If know the wipe method used. This is why the specific methodologies are top secret and you can customize your sanitation method that is unique to prohibit this reversing process. The maximum security is 35 passes to sanitize the HD. This is based on Peter Gutmanns' paper "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory". The method is designed to erase data regardless of disk raw encoding. It effectively removes the magnetic remnants from disk, preventing hardware recovery tools from restoring any data.

I knew someone that had a HD in which they took a sledge hammer to. Broke the HD platters in many chunks & pieces. Guess what? That was not enough. Data was still recovered from chunks that were encrypted.

So the best thing to do is pulverize your HD's to dust then you can rest assured everything is gone. Sharp was the first to address security in digital imaging and received the first Common Criteria Validation for an MFP in 2001."

Over at the Print4Pay Hotel there were over 25 threads in reference to the above topic, general consensus, the report made good TV, also its old news in the copier industry and the industry has incorporated numerous security measures on the latest devices.

BTW, when was the last time you checked to see if your high end laser printer had a hard drive? Most likely it does, but it's easier to bash copier companies.

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